Current Destination Information In An Instagram

These days we are privileged to be able to get the inside story on potential holiday destinations before we arrive on the doorstep. And the handy Smartphone App Instagram is just one such way of doing this.

Current Destination Information In An Instagram

No Surprises

Gone are the days when we would book our holiday, travel for hours, only to turn up at the hotel to find it half built. Hotels and holiday package companies can’t hide from social media these days and for holidaymakers around the world this is a huge advantage.

Instagram is a photo App which is linked up to a thriving social network which offers people with all kinds of interests to share photos and comments.

Instagram enables users to take a photo, adapt and amend it to their heart’s content using the Instagram image filters then upload them to their Instagram profile. And it doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have – Instagram is available for IPhone and Android phones.

Check Before You Book

This offers holidaymakers and travellers an extremely useful facility. If you’re considering booking a specific resort or hotel then just open up your instagram App and do a quick search for your planned destination. You’ll see all kinds of image relating to the location – from arty photos through to family snaps. But the main thing is…you’ll build up your own picture of the place in your mind.

And while the tour books can be glitzy and show a place at its very best, Instagram users will ensure you see the place ‘warts and all’. And should you really like a place – perhaps visiting it regularly then you can find many other holidaymakers who like the location as much as you – thus enabling you to tie up with like-minded travellers.

Forums on sites such as TripAdvisor comprise written reviews and, as we all know, these can be subject to personal prejudices. It is a lot harder, however, to argue with photographic evidence.

Post for Others

It works in reverse too. If you get to your holiday destination and there are obvious problems then photograph the issue, capture it on your camera and then post it to your site to warn other users. Be aware that you’ll be able to come back to it at a later date if you choose to take legal action.

A contemporaneous record of your holiday is great – not just for future memories as an online album but also as a diary to refer back to for many reasons.

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