Covert Pen Recorder

Fully Functioning Pen Recorder

This device is a fully functional ball point pen and a covert voice recorder. It will give you 7 hours of voice recording and has just a single switch to activate the device and a super sensitive microphone. As this device is a real fully working pen the ink can be replaced. The device is discreet and totally undetectable and no one would think that it was recording every word they were saying.

Covert Pen Recorder

When Would You Use This Pen Recorder?

This pen recorder can be used in many situations as it is small enough to fit in a pocket and would not look out of place in a top pocket of a shirt or jacket. You could record any situation where you might need to remember what was said, both by you and the person you are talking with. This situation might be at an important doctor’s appointment, a parent evening at school, someone giving you directions or giving you instructions. Another use is to leave it lying around at home or work to find out what people say when you are not there. It can be left in a meeting or given to someone to borrow you could even give them out to your staff if you want to know if they are communicating with your customers in the correct way.

Real Life Cases That Have Used The Covert Pen Recorder

A business man was experiencing some trouble with his sales staff. They would stick rigidly to the sales process when he was in the sales room but he had been told by his secretary that some of them deviated from the script as soon as he left the room. The sales scrip had been tried and tested over the years and there was definitely more sales success when the salesmen stuck to it. He needed to prove that this is what they were doing before he could confront them. He had made the decision to invest in a fully recorded phone system but the system was not being fitted for another month, so he bought a few covert pen recorders and handed them out to his staff. Within the first day he had enough recordings to haul the salesmen into his office to give them a good ticking off.

The covert pen recorder has worked very well for a forgetful woman. She is so badly forgetful that it affects her life quite considerably. She was first given the pen by a friend who thought it was a bit of a joke, but the lady used it and has never gone back. She would record, using the pen whenever she was told something important and then later when she was at home she would download the recording onto her PC. Sometimes she would make a list from the recording or make notes. If it was really important she would highlight it so she would know to go back to it on her next visit to her computer. She had a large calendar next to her computer and she would always mark down any appointments or meetings as she listened back to the recordings. The device has changed her life as she is now far more confident and says yes to more nights out because she knows she will not forget and stand them up and if anything important is said she can record it.

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