Comparison Of Tissue Box Spy Camera And Recorder And Table Lamp Spy Camera And Recorder

What Are The Similarities Between The Two Pieces Of Equipment?

Both of these spy camera and recorder devices are able to record from a pin-hole camera and with their motion detection sensors they will not miss a thing. The tissue box and table lamp both look and function like the real thing, because they are the real thing with a camera and recorder hidden somewhere inside them. Footage is collected on a SD memory card (up to 32 GB) and can be viewed from a PC or laptop via a USB connection. These devices can be used in the home or in the office in places where they are appropriate to the disguise of the device, such as, the tissue box spy camera and recorder and the table lamp spy camera recorder could be placed on any desk, in the board room or in a reception area and no one would suspect it was a spy device.

Tissue Box Spy Camera And Recorder And Table Lamp Spy Camera And Recorder

What Are The Differences Between The Two Pieces Of Equipment?

There are a few differences between these two devices but both are excellent in the situation they are designed for. The tissue box spy camera is battery operated and has three days battery life in which the SD card can store 64 hours of actual recording time. The table lamp spy camera recorder is run off the mains electric supply so no worries about battery changing and an SD card that can store up 64 hours before the SD card needs changing this would be the more efficient of the two devices especially if you had two SD cards it would be very fast to change them over. However the tissue box is possibly a better design in as much as it can be used almost anywhere and does not need electricity to run it.


Both devices have their uses and are both fantastic spy camera recorders. The table lamp spy camera and recorder has the edge with efficiency when it comes to changing over the SD card but the tissue box spy camera and recorder can be used almost anywhere as it is battery operated.

Example Of Real Life Use Of Each Spy Camera And Recorder

A tissue box spy camera recorder was sent as a gift to an old relative who was living in a care home. The relative had not long been living in the home when she became distressed and told her family that her money was going missing and some valuable items were no longer where they had been. The family sent the device and gave the woman instructions on how to use it before they went to visit her so they could watch the footage together. One of the homes cleaning ladies was filmed looking in the woman’s handbag and taking money from her purse when the woman was out of her room. The woman and her family were able to deal with the matter along with the care home owners.

A table lamp spy camera and recorder was placed on the desk in the reception area of a local businessman’s company as he felt productivity had declined and he was sure that bad timekeeping was one of the problems. The camera recorded the date and time on the footage so, even though the business owner was not there to monitor the times himself the camera did it for him. He dealt with the employees who were not keeping the correct time and his productively is now going back up.

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