Comparison Of Air Freshener And Smoke Alarm Spy Camera And Recorder

How Are These Devices Similar?

These battery operated spy camera and recorder devices can work off rechargeable batteries, for 12 hours on standard batteries and also with extended batteries and when in motion activation mode can run for around 24 hours. Both devices look and function as they do in real life, the air freshener even smells like an air freshener! They both have an angle view of 70 degrees so they can pick up quite a wide range of vision. The SD memory card (up to 32GB) will save the footage so it can be viewed on a PC or laptop via a USB connection.

How Are These Devices Different?

As the smoke alarm spy camera and recorder is a real smoke alarm it needs to be fitted to the ceiling. This does not impair the footage but it does impair the possible locations for the device. It can also make it difficult to change the battery as you would need a chair of some steps to swap it. However the same cannot be said of the air freshener spy alarm camera, which can be left just about anywhere an air freshener would be left. It is quick and easy to swap for a new one and no one would be any the wiser that it was, in fact a spy device.

Air Freshener And Smoke Alarm Spy Camera And Recorder


Over all both the spy cameras and recorders are pretty much the same. The only difference is that the smoke alarm spy camera and recorder has to be fixed to the ceiling which gives it less flexibility than the air freshener spy camera and recorder.

Real Life Example Of Both Spy Camera Recorders

A family had two pet dogs that were usually very well behaved; however one of them had started to use the hallway as a toilet. Not having a camcorder or a smoke alarm the lady of the house decided to purchase a smoke alarm spy camera recorder which she fitted to the ceiling in the hallway. When she returned to the house after a full day at work she watched the footage. She found out which dog was misbehaving and took him to the vet to see if he was unwell. The thing that was a surprise was that her 17 year old daughter had bought a male friend home from school that left just before she got in from work.

A woman had constantly told her receptionist to stop using her personal phone during work time. The young receptionist was particularly bad at this and would quite often ignore incoming calls in favour of her personal calls. The woman was at her wits end as she needed a receptionist and was trying to get a new one to replace the girl but never seemed to make the time to do it. She got an air freshener spy camera and recorder to put on the reception desk to record how often the girl disobeyed the rules. The girl was shocked at the recording and told the woman she would turn it off and leave it in her car when she was at work from now on.

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