Cloud Based Data Storage Services

If you’re an experienced business owner or intensive computer user, then you know firsthand that the complexities of integrating, managing, and protecting data are numerous. You also know that these challenges have to be surpassed with speed and precision. Cloud based data storage services have proven to be a blessing to companies, particularly for small businesses and home-based firms.

With cloud computing services, small, start-up businesses gain the advantage of not having to use tactile infrastructure like file cabinets, email servers, storage networks, or shrink-wrapped programs. Furthermore, this solution is available anywhere and anytime via the pervasive browser, thus also improving productivity among business affiliates and employees.

Cloud Based Data Storage Services

But which cloud computing service should you choose? The large number of service providers present on the market have made it very difficult to choose. In addition, their marketing campaigns rarely have differences to distinguish one from the other. To help narrow down your options, below are four of the top cloud computing services used by entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, and people who require more intricate and secure IT infrastructures today.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Aside from being an eCommerce giant, Amazon now offers cloud computing services. Their data storage utility is ideal if you aren’t a developer or business user and doesn’t need the large space, versatility, and feature set that comes with a paid account. It is geared towards more casual users who simply want virtual space for their videos, songs, pictures, movies, or documents. The data is neatly organized in preset folder structures and the service provides a maximum of 5GB. However, the service does not allow users to upload files larger than 2GB. If needed, you can purchase more space. A noteworthy feature from the service is an integrated media player that allows users to stream videos and play songs online without having to download it.


The service allows users to distribute, collect, and organize documents and URLs. You can choose either a free personal account or a paid Business or Enterprise account. For light to moderate storage needs, a personal account with the basic 5GB space will suffice. It can be upgraded to 50GB for a small charge. For faster and more secure data uploads and downloads, choose a Business or Enterprise account. Business accounts are offered with a storage space of up to 500GB while Enterprise accounts are made available only on request. You will get better collaboration features as well as third party software support, such as Google Docs integration and Adobe Photoshop, from a paid account.

You Send It

You Send It accommodates sharing and sending of large file sizes using a reliable FTP connection. It operates on a “Freemium” plan wherein all basic features are accessible to you without any charge. You’ll have to pay for using other features, though. You Send It is the perfect cloud based data storage service for companies that need a feature-rich, massive file transfer service without sacrificing download and upload speeds. Via a desktop client and multiple plugins, it makes sending sizable files to business partners, workers, and friends easier and faster.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is an excellent choice for users who wish to collaborate and access their database remotely. The service allows file sharing and collaboration of files in real-time. Team Viewer offers four service plans – free version, Business, Premium, and Corporate. Choose a plan that best caters to your business size and number of team members. The free basic plan provides minimum usage and may only fit teams with two to three persons. Meanwhile, those with 20+ members should go for either a Premium or Corporate plan.

Brittany Sozak is a contributing writer for Data Recovery Group, providers of data recovery services.

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