Cigarette Lighter Camera Recorder

Tiny Device, Great Capability

This is a great device to just leave lying about without arousing any suspicion. It looks and functions just like a normal lighter, but it has tiny hidden video/audio recorder. When on standby the lighter will give around 12 hours battery life and when used with an 8GB Micro SD memory card will achieve around 5 hours or recording. This small unit, despite the size, has the capability to record video and audio, and take still images. A sound activation mode can trigger recordings or just carry it in your pocket, ready to use with the click of a button.

Cigarette Lighter Camera Recorder

How Could You Use This Tiny Camera?

There is a myriad of uses for this fantastic little camera. It can be easily left lying around ready to catch any sound and start recording. If you wish to know what people talk about when you are not there? Do you need to find out if someone is having an affair – just leave the lighter near them and record it all. The possibilities are endless for this discreet little spy camera, it just takes a bit of thought to come up with the right solution to a situation using the lighter camera.

Real Life Case Involving The Cigarette Lighter Camera Recorder

A man was cross with his wife when he found a lighter in her coat pocket. He had assumed that she was smoking again. She convinced him that she was not and she always had a lighter in her bag or her pocket in case she needed it. Having been a smoker for many years she became reliant on a lighter for some things. In truth the lighter was not normal lighter it was a camera recorder which she had bought to spy on her husband. He had changed over the last six months and she felt he was drifting away from her and possibly into the arms of someone else. His moods were changing along with his appearance, getting thinner and taking more care of his appearance. He was going out with his mates more and sometimes even staying away for a night or two. The woman arranged to go to stay with family for a weekend and gave her husband plenty of warning so if he needed to he could arrange something. Cleverly the wife left the lighter near the telephone in the kitchen, where he always spoke to people on the telephone.

The weekend arrived and the wife went off to her family. She was rather worried while she was gone but with the help of her sister she was able to sit it out. The wife and her sister worked out a plan of what the wife would do if her husband had been cheating and it all helped to make her feel more in control. On her return the wife played back the footage from the lighter and was not at all surprised to see that her husband had arranged to meet a young girl and then bring her back to their house. The wife was pleased but saddened by the situation but her family helped her pull through.

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