CD Duplication Services Versus DIY Methods

Who needs CD duplication services?

Usually, when people think about mass producing CDs, they only think of music bands, especially amateur bands. The truth is that CD duplication services fill many different needs. Businesses often use the services to make informational discs for in-house training, sales presentations or other promotional purposes. Private individuals use duplication services to create discs for family events, such as weddings, reunions, holiday celebrations and more. Artists and others use discs to promote their work or services.

CD Duplication Services Versus DIY Methods

Why choose CD duplication services?

Most people believe that using their home or business computer to burn their CDs is a cheaper option. Their perception is that duplication services are expensive, complicated and time-consuming. Generally, people are surprised when they learn about the problems that can arise from amateur CD burning sessions. Workers at professional duplication businesses are experienced, which means they can foresee and avoid most problems. When hobbyists burn their own CDs, they can become frustrated with complicated processes, expensive supplies and wasted efforts.

Burning CDs is a time-consuming process.

Duplication services burn dozens, if not hundreds, of discs at a time. The average computer burns one disc at a time and may take several minutes to do each. Even a small batch of 30 discs wastes valuable time. If you are a musician, this time of fiddling with your computer’s CD burner is squandering your practice time. Business personnel could be promoting the business or performing necessary tasks. Duplication services, generally, will burn anywhere from one to a thousand discs and can usually have them ready to ship within a week.

CDs are expensive.

Companies that offer duplication services buy their blank discs and other supplies in bulk, which reduces the price. When a client adds the cost of his or her time, wear and tear on the computer or CD burner, the cost of labels and ink and other incidentals to the cost of the discs and supplies, he or she will notice that mass producing CDs is an expensive hobby. Overall, duplication services are cheaper than DIY projects.

Errors can cost more than money.

Although no one likes to admit it, sometimes accidents happen and irreplaceable data is lost. This can be family pictures, a unique music jam session, business information or other data. The professionals at a CD duplication service are less likely to accidently erase valuable information. The company does not access the client’s computer, but people who choose to do the process themselves may compromise their data.

There are other advantages to using a CD duplication service.

Duplication businesses use professional machines to burn the discs, print the labels and perform other services for their clients. Generally, they sell CD packaging, such as full-color jackets, 2-panel inserts and tray cards. Because they buy these in bulk for cost efficiency and have the proper equipment for printing on them, duplication services offer attractive and affordable CD packaging.

DIY projects can have an amateurish air. Professionals may recommend better solutions so that projects have a polished look. For businesses, this may mean the difference between sealing a deal with a prospective customer and losing one. Frequently, amateur bands use CDs to promote their bands to clubs where they want to play or to record executives. A polished, professional look often portrays their legitimacy.

Christopher Bailey works with the cd duplication team at CD Technical. He shares information about technology and CD and DVD marketing tips via blogging.

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