CCTV For The Home, Business And Property

You just can’t deny the popularity of CCTV systems today.  In these tough economic times it is not surprising that most business owners and home owners are now choosing CCTV as the most reliable way to secure the things that are most important to them.  The security of your home, business, property, family members, employees, and assets is nothing to joke about.   Using a CCTV system may be the best tool you have to catch a criminal, combat theft, or protect yourself from the liabilities of an accident on your property.   There are many threats out there in the real world that can be equalized with a simple CCTV camera system!

CCTV For The Home, Business And Property

CCTV For Home Security

The great news for home owners is that CCTV is more affordable than ever.  So the myth that CCTV equipment is too expensive for a home owner to own is no longer true.  Like anything you get what you pay for, but there are CCTV systems available to support any budget.  CCTV systems are also easier to install than ever, so the second most popular myth that CCTV systems are too complex to install and manage by a home owner is no longer true.   Installing a system is really just powering, mounting, and plugging in devices.  The most challenging part of a CCTV system installation may be putting your DVR on the home network so it can be accessed remotely.  But even for this part of the installation most manufacturers provide instructions on how to easily do it.

For most home owners their goal is to secure the perimeter of the home.  Most home owners only install cameras outdoors, so the goal is to position cameras around the home to ensure the entire property is secured without any blind spots a criminal can use to enter the perimeter.   Since lighting is usually pretty poor in residential areas most home owners opt to use cameras with infrared LED’s.  Weatherproof and tamper resistant infrared bullet cameras seem to be the popular choice for most home owners.

CCTV For Business Security

Business owners love CCTV and they realize using it is not just for criminals.  Employee theft is not doubt a bigger threat then some stranger off the street.  Sure shoplifters are a huge concern, but for business owners the inside job can devastate a business.  Most business owners will usually hire a professional installer to do the installation unless they are really tech savvy and have the time to do it on their own.  Since business installations are usually larger and more complex, using a local contractor is usually the best option for getting a system installed.  Most business owners will not only secure the internal areas of a business, but also the outside property.  Business owners also use things like public viewing monitors, micro-phone kits, and Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, and even covert cameras to ensure that mission critical security measures are in place.

Most business owners also rely on a huge variety of different security camera types.  Since the architecture of a commercial building is much more challenging to cover, often business camera systems have to use different camera mounts, camera lenses, or even more hi-tech professional grade security video recorder products to support larger more challenging areas.  But overall the business owner will utilize many of the same camera types a home owner uses.  It really depends on the size and scope of the project.

CCTV For Everyone

Both the home owner and business owner have many of the same concerns when it comes to securing their property, assets, family, customers, and employees.  Sure the location is different, and maybe the people too.  But at the end of the day security is for everyone.  Your family and employees will thank you for taking bigger steps to provide a more secure place.  Look at the installation as a CCTV system as an investment in your home or business!

Matty Smith is a CCTV installer with over 10 years of installation and engineering experience.  He writes to share is knowledge with people that are looking to implement better security measures at their home or business.

Author: Tech Poster

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