Can The Pentagon Keep The US Safe From Cyberattacks?

There are many different types of terrorist attacks, and special interests groups have been making use of them for decades, or even centuries. However, the concept of the cyberattack is relatively new, and a symptom of the Age of Information we are currently in. As this is a very real threat to our safety, the American government is now stepping up to take real measures in our defense. Can the Pentagon keep the US safe from cyberattacks? Read on to learn more about it:

The Pentagon recently announced plans to increase its cybersecurity squad

Increased security. The Pentagon recently announced plans to increase its cybersecurity squad. It will go from approximately 900 force members to nearly 5,000 force members, including troopers and civilians. This is in response to a request from the Cyber Command unit of the Defense Department, citing a need to expand its security measures into the Internet Age in order to protect the nation’s computer systems.

Threats of the Internet Age. There is no denying that the Internet Age has brought about some major changes with the way we communicate and run our lives. In exchange for this convenience, we face some new challenges – namely, the vulnerability of our nation’s sensitive data. When so much that is important to us can be located in a computer system, we must stay aware of the people out there who want to, and can, gain access to that information for destructive purposes.

Can The Pentagon Keep The US Safe From Cyberattacks?

The warning signs. The pentagon cites a few different occurrences that spawned the realization of a need for beefed up security against cyberattacks. The first, or “key,” reality check took place at a state oil company in Saudi Arabia several months ago, when hackers were able to infect the company’s computer system with a virus, effectively wiping away the entire memory off of over 30,000 computers. More recently, the website for the Department of Justice was hacked by a cyberterrorist group going by the name of Anonymous, and shortly thereafter, the New York Times website was allegedly compromised by a Chinese hacker group. It is events like these that instill the belief in the US government, and the American people, that increased cyber security measures are a necessity.

As you can see, there is a real and immediate need for enhanced security measures in response to the dangers of cyber predators. The Pentagon’s plan is far-reaching, with the scope of a 500 percent increase in cyber safety force team. Will these changes be enough? Only time will tell, but with as quickly as the technology landscape changes, it is safe to say that this won’t be nearly the last we see about threats to our cyber security.

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