Can Digital Menu Boards Boost Your Restaurant’s Profitability?

To make it in business you’ve got to give the customer what they want, especially in the highly competitive fast food and casual food industry.

In order for a restaurant to compete not only does it need to serve great food, it also needs to offer a quick and easy experience to customers.

Can Digital Menu Boards Boost Your Restaurant’s Profitability?

If you want to stay one step ahead of the fast food crowd then you should consider investing in the latest innovation taking the industry by storm – digital menu boards.

Not sure how digital menu boards could benefit your business? Take a look at the following great reasons to ‘go digital’.

Why choose to install digital menu boards?

These days there’s a lot of technology out there that looks great but doesn’t function particularly well. Digital menu boards are different. Not only can they make your establishment more attractive, they can also help it run more efficiently and make more money.

The ultimate aim of any business should be to make money and according to a recent investigation carried out in the US, digital menu boards can lead to profit increase. Of the restaurant owners surveyed, nearly 50% agreed that going digital meant making changes to the menu cost less, whilst nearly 40% found that sales of promotional items had gone up. 20% found that customers tended to spend more with each purchase whilst more than 15% said their foot traffic had increased. The survey also found that restaurants were better able to comply with food labelling laws, order accuracy was improved and it was significantly easier to make price and menu changes.

Prepare for change

Things are changing within the fast and casual food retail industries and new regulations are being introduced constantly. In the US a recent legislation has required larger fast food chains to include a calorie count with each menu item and the UK could soon follow suit.

Changes like this can cost a considerable amount if you only have printed menus because one small difference requires every menu to be reprinted. With digital screens you can adjust the menu quickly, easily and most important, cheaply with the simple touch of a button or screen, so you’re always ready for any alterations you may need to make.

If you’re a restaurateur, digital menu boards can help you:

  • Change your menu quickly and easily
  • Keep up to date with new legislation
  • Promote new items and up-sell
  • Alter your menu at different times of the day or week
  • Update your menu remotely from any internet location
  • Reduce your wait times and improve the customer’s experience
  • Give all your restaurants visual consistency
  • Incorporate information or graphics to keep customers entertained
  • Save money and be more eco-friendly by avoiding menu reprints
  • Use boards for training or to give staff important information out of hours
  • Include customer targeted messaging such as special offers and meal deals
  • Trial new products without having to pay for menu reprints­­­­­­­­­­

See for yourself how electronic innovation can improve your business!

Stuart Baker is mad about all things digital and regularly blogs on behalf of digital signage company Chalk Vision.

Author: Tech Poster

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