Burglar Alarms And The Evolution Of Technology

Burglar alarms have come a long way and a lot of this has to do with the big evolution of technology. Many people feel a lot safer now thanks to all of the advancements that have occurred in burglar alarm systems.

Video Cameras

The field of security and burglar alarms became a lot more exciting with the addition of the video cameras to home and business alarms. Company videos are needed to help identify criminals. This type of technology helps lots of home and business owners help police make arrests. This was an upgrade from the burglar alarms that simply made noise when criminals entered the home.

Internet Protocol Technology

In the early stages of the burglar alarm systems there were no real connections back to a main office. Everything was designed mainly for the purpose of scaring the criminal off. There was no real connection back to anything to really alert the company about the presence of a criminal.

The I.P. address and the network connection changed all of this. That is what allowed companies to sell alarm systems that would reach back to a home base. Intrusion could be detected regardless of where the home was located. This would essentially lead to faster detection of criminals. That would become the best way to catch criminals and heighten the level of security for business and home environments.

Faster Reply Time

Overall, there is a faster reply time thanks to the advancements in technology. Lots of businesses have complained in the past about the slow reply times. This was a big problem for companies because slow response times resulted in more stolen property. It wasn’t until PC processors became faster that companies could offer better alarm monitoring.

Computers with more memory and hard drive space gave companies more room to store data. It was much easier to get video footage in real time once more memory was available. Companies also have access to great Internet speeds today. Portable devices are even equipped with access to 3G and 4G networks. It makes monitoring burglar alarm systems from phones a lot more practical. This is a good thing because a large majority of homeowners have smartphones and tablet PCs.

Burglar Alarms And The Evolution Of Technology

Portable Devices

As time progressed the cameras and I.P. addressed would be used to monitor homes. People now have the ability to see their home regardless of where they are. Now homeowners can set their alarm systems from their smart phones. People can monitor their systems while they are away on vacation. This is one of the most valuable inventions of new age security technology.

The portable devices have given people the ability to leave their homes with being worried about a break in. A good portion of the portable devices have changed the way that people view the security system. There is a lot of interest in obtaining systems where people can view their home through apps. Many people may choose to monitor any alarm abnormalities through burglar system apps.

Wireless Technology / Silent Alarms

The big evolution change has been the wireless network. Lots of companies are now selling the digital systems that can send signals without any type of wires. There are also systems – similar to the bank systems – that have silent alarms. There are new forms of technology that play a greater role in outsmarting the criminals. Most people that do not know the alarm is going off will be less likely to hurt others in the home. They may assume that they are making a clean getaway. This new technology is the reasons many criminals are caught.

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