Bring Your Corporate Communications To Life

Corporate communication videozzzzzz… not the most exciting words in the English language. Images of grey men delivering grey speeches filled with corporate speak and indecipherable acronyms spring to mind. Memories of business meetings propping your eyes open watching another tedious monologue from the very people who are supposed to inspire you are conjured up.

But really, communications today are much more savvy and modern video production companies will use a range of stunning technology to create super-engaging, highly watchable film. So whether you are looking for a commercial to promote your business to customers or want to deliver a message internally to your employees, a corporate communications video can breathe life into your business.

Bring Your Corporate Communications To Life

Keep it simple

For example, a clever marketing video can really make all the difference in setting you apart from your competitors. Put one on your website, use one at exhibitions and conferences… think of anywhere you think you might be able to catch people’s attention. Keep your messages simple and brief. Long dull speeches are now a thing of the past. Bright, catchy sound bites are more likely to get your message heard.

When you work with a video production company, you will need to give them a clear idea of the end result you are expecting. Do you want something clever and creative? Or something more transparent and traditional? Think about how long the video should be, what messages you are trying to get across, who will be your spokespeople, do you want animated images? You will also need to consider why you are making the video. Do you think it will help increase sales? Get your name known in wider circles? Will it set you apart from the competition?

Commercially minded

You may also be considering making a commercial for television. While these can undeniably be expensive, the prohibitive costs which may have prevented you in the past are perhaps a little more realistic these days, as more video production companies offer packages to suit different types of budget. Television advertising is a great way to reach a wide and vastly diverse audience, so really is worth considering. In many cases they will look at it as an extension of a corporate video and apply the same processes to it.
So when you are next planning your marketing strategy for the year, why not factor in a corporate video or commercial… it really could make all the difference.

Mark Wood is a communications expert and likes to share his experiences of working with video production companies with business owners, friends and family with the hope of providing them with more custom to thank them for the great service that they have provided him with.

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