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Sports are big business all over the world – and especially in the United States. Whole cable channels are devoted to providing sports fans with games, statistics and commentary throughout the year. Indeed, those who want to find out info regarding their favorite teams and players don’t have to look far. And with the mobile revolution in full swing, these same fans can do so right from the palms of their hands via mobile apps.

Yes, the advent of streaming makes it easier than ever to deliver prime sports awesomeness directly to the consumer in app form. So in the interests of delivering these primo goods – and over the collective sighs of long-suffering spouses everywhere – here are some of the best mobile apps for sports fans.

Best Apps For Sports Fans At Bat – $14.99, Android/iOS

This is the most expensive option on the list, but with live streaming of every MLB game on offer, it is well worth the price. Not only can users of this app get all MLB games on their smartphone or tablet, they can also use the customizable interface to track their favorite teams and keep a watchful eye on rivals. At Bat also provides baseball news, comprehensive stats and roster info.

WatchESPN – free, Android/iOS

The smartphone of the average sports junky isn’t complete without this app firmly downloaded on the device. It allows the user to stream all content on offer from the cable sports giant directly to the handheld at no cost to the user. It even streams old games and original programming on demand.

Yahoo! Sportacular – free, Android iOS

Sports fans who are constantly on the go with precious little time in which to get their vital stats will likely enjoy this option. It is a simple app with a straightforward interface that delivers statistics and nothing but. Yahoo! Sportacular provides stats from all major sports and even marginal sports – such as horse racing, boxing and European soccer – are covered.

Scoremobile – free, Android/iOS

While Yahoo! Sportacular is good in a rush, some sports fans may want a bit more customization with their stats and score info. This app contains many features and offers stats from all major sports plus others such as MMA. Users can customize the app so it gives real-time alerts regarding favorite teams and players and there is a section called “My Score,” which lets users narrow down their news streaming according to specific teams and players.

Nike+ – free, Android/iOS

While it’s all well and good to spend a long weekend on the sofa soaking up all the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL etc. etc. has to offer, it’s also nice to occasionally get out of the house. While Nike+ may be considered an exercise app, it is worth a mention due to its relevance to the sport of running. Those runners who install this app on their smartphone can track their pace, distance and the amount of calories they burn each time out. The app also aggregates data across multiple runs, so users can get detailed stats charting their progress over an extended period of time.

With these apps installed on a handheld device, fans everywhere should be able to have access to every sports stat and relevant news program out there. And if one of these options gets them out of the house and burning some calories in the process, so be it.


Anita Everhart is a professional blogger that enjoys providing fitness advice. She writes for East Coast United, a leading MMA training facility in the Bronx NY.



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