Are Silver Surfers Savvy?

The following story is one hundred percent true. One day I happened to walk past my mother while she was on the computer. I asked her what she was up to, to which she replied “just searching the internet for a new book”. Now, usually this story wouldn’t progress any further, but no, not with my mother. I glanced at the screen and I saw in the search bar that it said “thank you”. I couldn’t stop laughing. My mother thought there was someone on the “other end of the internet” quickly giving her results for all those searches.

This was many years ago, in the ‘pre-broadband’ era when you weren’t able to use the telephone as well as the internet simultaneously, and when it was only teenagers who really understood how to use the internet. Today though, the older generation are certainly wising up to the ways of the internet. I do find my mother asking Google question in conversation form, and it wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary for her to search something like “what is the best place for me to compare life insurance for over 50’s?”. She gets the results she’s looking for, eventually, and she’s over the moon with some of the uses of the internet these days. It’s only taken her 10 years to learn, mind.

Now, at the age of 22, I realise the older generation may have been at a disadvantage during the internet boom phase but now they seem to be catching up and are referred to as “Silver Surfers”.
Are Silver Surfers Savvy?

Services online

Despite conventional wisdom based around the idea of “Silver Surfers”, the over 50’s could be using more than just the basic email. Now the older generation are whizzing through the web, using social networking sites, application and video calling services such as Skype to communicate. Not to mention the massive boost in e-commerce by over 50’s of late. The range of usage for the older generation is growing with many taking lessons to learn and improve their surfing skills and to get most out of the internet.

Shopping online

According the research conducted by, silver surfers are the UK’s biggest online shoppers with regularly 86% regularly purchasing online. It’s the convenience and the simplicity of using the internet, where you can purchase clothes, groceries online and having it delivered right to your door that motivates this increasingly tech-savvy generation to make the most of the web.

Comparing online prices

Shopping online is not just for convenience but can also be used for comparison services. From the comforts of their own homes, Silver Surfers can browse and compare different products online to find the best deals. Silver surfers can use specialist sites to get the information they need for those specific items. Products such as insurance can easily be found online with the help of comparison sites such as Silver surfers can easily find the insurance they need by comparing different covers in minutes to find the best insurance hassle-free.

This article was written by Diana Zagorodnya, a writer for, the over 50 life insurance comparison site.

Author: Tech Poster

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