A Newer, More Womanly Model – The LG Pop GD510 Pink

LG is to be applauded for its triumph concerning their new range of low-priced touchscreen mobile phones. They have become exceedingly popular amongst the consumers, and expanding on this, LG has built upon this groundwork with the LG Pop GD510. The tiniest 3 inch touchscreen available on the market today, it measures in at 97 x 50 x 11mm and weighs a feather light 87g. This slim device has come in an assortment of colours, including silver, brown, purple and black. Just recently – some would say just in time for upcoming Valentine’s Day – the company has launched a sparkling new Pay as you Go model, the LG GD510 Pop Pink.

A Close Up Look And Review

This recent girly edition has a new, shiny and ultimately feminine look about it. This blushing cover still ensconces the same superb features found in the other hues, just with a new ladylike punch.

  • Budget conscious – Whatever else can be said about the device, it’s one of the most affordable touchscreens to be had, with an impressively miniature price tag. At present, you can purchase it for a sound at £90 with a pay-as-you-go package, or at a £10 a month for a 2 year contract.
  • Display – The pop is roughly two-thirds the size of competing – and pricier – devices. This could raise concerns regarding functionality and legibility. The mobile phone design showcases an enveloping screen which dominates the front of the phone, to combat this, taking up as much space as possible. It has a 3” display, with surprisingly good resolution (240 x 400). Because of this, you will find that scripting and images are sharp and efficient. The layout is also very practical, with one main button which acts multi-functionally for all menus and call receive/reject.
  • Interface – The Pop makes use of the slightly lower-end A-class interface, which serves perfectly well and it is extremely simple to navigate through. The home screen is divided into three panels, allowing you to transfer and arrange widgets.
  • Features – You can expect a low-end phone like this to have far fewer extras than their pricier cousins possess. With the Pop, the most concerning of which is the lack of 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as a GPS system. However, this lack of fancy details does wonders for the battery longevity, serving you around 2-3 days before requiring recharging. The Pop does come with a camera though, with 3.2 megapixels. This may not be anything to get excited about, especially as it is deprived of autofocus and LED flash. Still, pictures taken in ample light are fairly clear and vibrant.
  • Call performance – The quality of sound, considering the size and price of the phone, is fantastic. The earpiece delivers surprisingly loud audio, which is distinct and comprehensible. It also comes with a nifty feature of being able to cut a call by flipping the phone over on its face, an invaluable tool for when you get a phone call during in a meeting.
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