5 Reasons Why You Need Cloud Backups

5 reasons why you need cloud backups

To ensure your data is always safe, it is important to have a backup copy made of every file you make. When you store a backup of all your data in your hard disk, you are always running the risk the data might get erased if the system crashes, or in the potentially catastrophic event of a virus attack. Due to the potential risk of loss or damage to your files posed by backing up in this way, more and more people are beginning to enjoy the security and functionality of cloud backups.

Cloud backups are always available to you as long as you connect to the internet. When you store data over the internet, the data is moved to a professional and secure data centre where all your data files are kept safe.

Data Centres

The data centres used in the process of cloud backups are generally located offsite and are connected to your computer or source through internet connection. It does not need physical exchange or work done by the humans to backup data. These backup services are done automatically at the end of the day, or end of the week as per choice. Many commercial cloud backups companies are offering this service to their customers. The storage centre is located far from the source and the data is sent over to them where it is stored securely.

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How do cloud backups actually work?

A client application for the customers is installed in their computer which is being allotted for back up. The customers can choose which folder or file that has to be backed up. This data is first compressed then encrypted for security purpose and then transmitted over the internet to the destination which is the data centre. These professional data centres are built in such a way that fire or earthquakes cannot destroy them. They have good security and are monitored throughout the day. The data centres have backup generators in case of power loss and the data of the customers are not stored in just one device, rather the data is replicated among many physical devices. The cloud backups providers ensure they have many connections so that no failure can turn the system down.

There are many cloud backups services from which you can choose. You usually have to pay of course but it is definitely worth it if your data is safe and secure.

Here are the top 5 advantages of backing up all your data to the cloud:
1) Many people fail to back up their data most of the time since they have to do it manually. Cloud backup, on the other hand, is automatic and needs a good internet connection alone. You can choose the interval of days for your data to be backed up.

2) The data that is being sent is encrypted and it will be stored in encryption form only in the data centre so there is no risk of your data being seen by anyone.

3) When you have a back up of your data online, it is always easy when you want to restore them. You can restore them at any time as you wish without any difficulty.

4) It is cost efficient because you pay much less for the amount of data you are going to be storing than you would if you were storing it in hard form.

5) Your data can never be lost when you have a online backup since your data is stored in a number of different locations in the data centre.
If you still haven’t started enjoying the benefits of cloud backups , then it is high time you find a reliable cloud storage company start backing up your data online!

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