5 Reasons To Use Hidden Cameras During Surveillance

Different hidden cameras this is a list of the top 5

1.     Covert Body Camera

This is a very useful camera. It is small and lightweight and easily hidden in your clothes. It is totally hands free so it feels like it’s not there. It has a tiny pinhole lens that has surprising clarity and range. It takes a bit of getting used to as you can’t see what you are recording you just have to guess. This equipment is great for door to door interviewing and street interviewing. It is completely undetectable and most makes have a 10 hour battery life so it is great for a long session of surveillance.

2.     Car Dash Camera

A camera that is on your car dashboard and looks like a sat nav and operates like a sat nav. This camera will record a high speed chase or if you are slowly crawling along it will record a pedestrian suspect. When it is parked up it can be aimed in the direction of a house or a lockup that needs watching overnight or over many days. The camera can be moved from one vehicle to another without any trouble It has no audio but the video is in HD sports mode so it will operate at high speed giving a great picture.

5 Reasons To Use Hidden Cameras During Surveillance

3.     Hidden Bush Camera

A camera that has already been staking out a raid area or planned follow can be left for some time hidden in a bush or a tree. The small camera is totally weatherproof and has night vision and is motion activated. It will pick up important information that no person would be able to get. Once in place the camera is undetectable as its camouflage keeps it covert and reporting to the surveillance team right up to the moment of the start of the job. It will keep helping the team throughout the whole operation supplying information about what the targets look like and how many of them.

4.     Small Hidden Cameras

Small hidden cameras can be the most effective camera available for a job. Spy sunglasses can record for up to 2 hours without stopping which when you have not cover and the target is really close can be the best option when you do not wish to be detected. Pen mini cameras are a fully working ink pen that uses real ink and looks stunning in expensive looking colours. The pen can be used in meetings or left lying around recording while the owner is not there. It can record abusive patients in hospitals and Dr’s waiting rooms and it can record any conversation that you have including irate people who say the wrong thing because they think you are alone with them.

5.     Ruck Sack Camera

A ruck sack camera can be used almost anywhere. It can be left somewhere to record conversations and actions it can be worn like a body camera but it give the wearer the flexibility to take it off in an instant. The ruck sack can hold personal items as well as the camera and batteries. It is comfortable to wear for a long time and looks like a regular bag.

Over the years private detectives Charlie Hodgson and associates has used many hidden cameras from body cameras to bush cameras. They have investigated the myriad of mini hidden cameras available on-line and on the high street, and have tried and vigorously tested each camera and logged results from length of battery time to picture quality and everything in-between. For more of this type of information go to http://www.bristol-privatedetectives.co.uk

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