4 Way Extension Lead Voice Recorder

What Can The Device Do?

This is the ultimate in long term hidden recorders this mains extension lead is a fully functioning mains powered 4-way extension lead that contains a voice activated digital recording system that is totally hidden. This unit will allow up to four plugs to be used at the same time. Recording is stored on micro SD it can take up to a 32 GB micro SD card which will give 24 days of recording time. It has a voice activation feature which can extend recording time when the area is silent. This is a mains powered device and the only limit is the size of SD card used which is 1 GB 18 hours of recording. To play back the recordings insert the card into your computer card reader.

4 Way Extension Lead Voice Recorder

Where Can You Use The Device?

This device can be used anywhere where a 4 way extension lead would be used. In the home it is ideal in the kitchen to record all the comings and goings or in the bedroom to hear who your partner has been on the phone to. This device can also be used at work in the office or in a garage, warehouse or shop where it can record all noise including telephone calls and conversations.

How This Device Has Worked In Real Life

A garage owner was concerned that one staff member was taking his clients. It seemed that only the new customers were not coming back to get their cars done He needed to know what was going on in the other garage when he was working but he couldn’t be in two places at once. Plus the staff member wouldn’t do it in front of him. He turned to a 4 way extension lead with voice recorder built in. The device was swapped for one that was already in use in the garage. The owner left the device in the other garage for 2 weeks before he retrieved it. When he listened to the footage his suspicions were founded as the young mechanic had taken three of his customer in the short time the device had been fitted. He told the boy that he had been recording him and gave him a weeks’ notice.

A busy office was always hectic with the telephone constantly ringing. The business owner had had a complaint form one of his salesmen and a secretary. Both had come to him independently to voice their complaint about one of the receptionists. The woman was using her personal phone when the work phone was ringing and she would hang up on the work phone and continue her conversation. The receptionist was job sharing with another woman who worked the opposite shift who had also complained to the boss that the woman was not doing a good job. He decided to find out for himself and swapped a 4 way extension lead for the one under the reception. He left it there for a week and was shocked at the way the woman spoke to everyone including the clients. He sacked her on the spot and asked the other woman to work fulltime.

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